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Handy Photo Album, Simple, Elegant and Useful

Handy Photo Album is a Photo Album Component For Joomla! that automates the retrieval of all images within a specific directory to show, with pagination links generated to cycle through each page.

The simplicity is one of the key for this components and the lightbox viewer system complements it all.

Some feature of this component are; (1) Customize the album's dimensions as desired, such as 3 by 2 images, 4 by 5 images etc. (2) Ability to sort the display order of the images by file or date, in ascending or descending order. (3) Each photo within the album when clicked on triggers, they lets you such as launch a larger version of the image using the built in lightbox viewer or in other words, each of them will open a new window containing the enlarged image. (4) Ability to unlimited images and automatically create pagination tab

You can see the action for this addons at this GLOBAL DEMO Download it right here !! and Try it yourself!!